First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then comes…..???

The Backstory…

“The word impossible is not in my dictionary.”

— Napoleon Bonaparte

This is the first post of my blog regarding our infertility and IVF/Adoption journey. My husband, Aaron and I met in high school and have been married for eleven years (together for 17). We met when we were 15 years old, starting dating at 17, and never imagined we would be where we are right now, married with no kids. While we do have two amazing puppers, Bella and Gus who bring us so much joy, the kids part would really be the icing on our life cake.

Aaron and I got married when we were 24 years old. We both have worked full time and due to the nature of our jobs, can be away from each other for months at a time. When we first got married, we wanted to enjoy being a young married couple and remained on birth control until I was 26. At that time, we started embracing the idea of welcoming a new little one into our home. When I came off birth control, we did not actively try and get pregnant at first. Hey now! The act is the best part of this game! 🙂 However, as time drew on, we started adapting to the “I have to get pregnant right now” mentality which included daily basil body temp taking, trackers galore, TTC Groups, and LOTS OF PRAYING! I swore I started to live my life on edge two weeks at a time and thinking that any twinge of nausea or spotting was my body finally telling me the deed was done!

Fast forward to almost ten years later, and we are still hopeful and childless. We have gotten to the point that our parents have finally stopped asking “When are going to have kids?” and while we feel they have given up on this, we have not. Don’t get me wrong, when my siblings add a niece or nephew to the family, while it is SUPER exciting, it is still like an internal kick to the face. However, I think year after year, the largest kick are the words “unexplained infertility.”

So what is the next step? This is always my motto when it comes to anything in my life. As Aaron and I have maneuvered through this journey, we have developed our own path for our treatment types: Natural, IUI / IVF, Adoption, and maybe God has decided this path is not in our plan. While the absolute last step is not ideal, we have embraced that we may not ever be parents and that we will be the best Aunt and Uncle our nieces and nephews could ask for! I think that setting that as a possibility in your mind helps aid in the landslide of disappointments that infertility can bring.

Please join us on our adventure and subscribe for weekly updates! Thank you for your interest and we always value your input and comments!

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