The “Practice” of Medicine

Now, to preface this, I have the upmost respect for all medical providers. They have slaved away for years to obtain a doctorate. However, it is called the practice of medicine for a reason.

By this point, Aaron and I have both returned from deployment and we are FINALLY living back together again after 22 months apart. Aaron started seeing his Urologist at our new duty station and undergoes yet another full work up. Bless his heart, I think if has to give one more sample or have his jewels fondled by another stranger he will lose his mind. After about a month and a half of appointments to the lab, we get a final update from the Urologist: There is low count, but nothing you need surgery for.

Let me tell y’all! I was about to go crazy on this poor doctor. So to recap, our previous provider told Aaron that his count was so low and that the motility was so low that we would basically never be able to have a baby, like ever. Our current doctor is saying that there is a low count, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t have gotten pregnant and that he does not require surgery.

It felt like a huge punch to the gut. I wanted to say “Well, if that is the case then why has it not happened in the last nine years?” I have never felt so discouraged after leaving a doctors appointment as I did that day. To be honest, I really felt like this was where God was basically telling me to hang up my hat and call it a day.

At this point I figured it was time for a second opinion on myself. I contacted my primary physician and received a referral for a second opinion. Let me tell you, this experience was night and day in comparison to my Hopkinsville experience. I had several procedures done that were never completed before. I received verification that my tubes were open and not blocked. I never had so many viles of blood drawn in my entire life. I wasn’t getting my hopes up because it seems like in the world of fertility that is the worst thing you can do. (At least in our experience!). The next month or so was the chillest wait ever……

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