One or the Other??

I was sitting at my desk the other day listening to a conversation taking place right outside my office door. This is something that happens very frequently and instead of stopping it, I listened to the words that were being communicated between two individuals. The words that one Soldier said to another made me so angry that I immediately stood up from my desk and shot my two cents worth into the world like a mother scolding a child! A Soldier of mine is pregnant and this is how the conversation basically went:

Soldier A: I can’t believe your pregnant.

Soldier B: Yes, I am so happy to have a family and be a mom.

Solider A: Well, you pretty much killed our medical readiness numbers and are useless for the next two years.

Soldier B: (speechless)

First of all, I am THRILLED for any of my Soldiers who want to expand their families and become moms and dads. What angered me, is the Soldier who discredited the troop for wanting to become a mom. Why is it in a male dominate profession that women must choose one or the other. I say that because in the Army, as a man, you do not have to choose “a right time” to expand your family. Your spouse becomes pregnant and you continue to do your job with no problem. However, a female does the same thing and they are deemed “worthless” in the eyes of their patriots in arms due to the inability to deploy or conduct mission exercises.

Personally, I feel that there is no “good time” in the Army to expand your family so I applaud those who choose family while killing it with their career! I firmly believe that you can have both a family and a career and cheers to those who find that perfect work/homelife balance. Trust me, when we finally have a little one I will be running to you for your secrets! I am pretty sure that this same thought process is the same in many different professions, but not as advertised. I just want to cheer on those who not only choose to carry a new life while taking on the professional world! My hat is tipped to you!

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